About me!

I have always enjoyed crafts of any kind, Scrapbooking, stamping, card making, jewelry design, crochet, just about any craft project makes me want to gather supplies and get to work!

During the day I am a college instructor in medical coding.  I love my job I get to help people discover their dreams of becoming a medical coder... Very rewarding!!!

During the nights and weekends I try to escape to my studio( which is just upstairs at my house) I am truly blessed with a wonderfully large family ( we are all very close and still get together all the time)

I have been on etsy since 2008 and just recently re-opened my shop last october2012. This time around I have found it to be a slightly more successful experience, off etsy I would say my business is very successful getting orders every or every other week .

I am happy I can create something that puts a smile on my customers face and can even help them get through tough times.

Where the names came from?

  • Pure Eden jewelry designs-- boutique style jewelry that I create in my home studio I wanted a name that was catchy, cute, and of course trendy to go along with my designs. A name that really explained my jewelry.  Eden first of all comes from the Bible, and it also is translated to mean delight.... Pure Eden= Pure Delight, I strive to make delightful affordable pieces because every woman deserves to have a jewelry set to match every outfit!
  • Treasured moments-- my pendants created on initial wooden tiles, that have moments from your life, dating, engaged, wedding, baby, kids, career, sports and more! Treasured moments pendants are completely personal and customizable to preserve your treasured moments! What is your story? 
  • Trendy kitty pendants-- pendants created using wooden initial tiles (scrabble tiles) using digital collages of clip art and quotes purchased mainly from fellow Etsians, I have a beautiful kitty named Fresno I love him and refer to him as my only child, as much to his dismay Fresno is not allowed in my studio so you won't have to worry about kitty paw prints:) ( why the name trendy kitty? Well these pendants/ charms are very trendy and I love my kitty so putting the two words trendy kitty seemed like the perfect name!) 
  • Homespun creations-- crochet products available on my etsy site, created in our home made by myself and my wonderful mommy, she creates beautiful pieces, scarfs, dishcloths, water copies, blankets, hats and more!!! Be sure to check her designs out on my etsy site
  • Creative corner greetings-- I love creating greeting cards... Before I got a nice studio I created In the corner of the living room and guest bedroom, I referred to that place as my creative corner... It carried over to my home studio and so what a better name to give my greeting cards 
  • Creative corner designs by Danielle shop name-- like the greeting cards I wanted a shop name that would be able to handle all of my collections, I create most of my creations in my studio which is called "my Creative Corner" so I decided to name my shop creative corner, this name can handle all of my collections
I hope you come visit my ETSY shop or check out some designs for sale right here on this blog!

Need a gift? Pendants make great gifts and you can even request gift wrap for a minimal fee( free with a purchase of 50.00)

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