Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

So Were have I been for the last couple of weeks? Well I have been super busy getting ready for an event(I am so excited this is Creative Corners first event)

My cousin began selling Initials Inc and asked If I would go in half for a table at an event this weekend!  I was thrilled to get the invite and have been working hard getting ready for it

Making pendants for sale, making a display, ordering business cards(super excited about these and I can get matching items for my shop later-- the only thing is they dont match my current theme directly but I think they coordinate)

My cards I ordered may not make it in time so I will have to print temporary cards, order forms, and decide if I am going to offer a giveaway.

I am also starting a newsletter for the Creative Corner-- you will be able to sign up right here on the blog-- included in every newsletter will be a coupon and a newsletter only pendant--Pendant of the month that will only be available to newsletter subscribers!

My day job (college instructor) very busy there too-- getting ready for Graduation, finals, and a new quarter with classes never taught before! Definitely ready for my summer break:) it will give me more time for Creative Corner:)

I hope this blog post finds you well
 Check back soon for updates about the event:)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy mother's day

I would first like to wish my mommy a very happy Mother's Day!

I hope that all of my wonderful customers have a happy mother's day too!!!!

A treasured moments pendant custom with my moms daughters birthstones in crystals

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A couple of custom pendants

I have the most awesome customers

We have to remember our nana's and Mimi's this weekend

Pricing your work

Probably the hardest thing about selling your handmade products is pricing them. You dont want your prices too high but you don't want them too low either. I have read several blogs, and articles on how to price your work, I just recently realized I am making nothing probably going in the hole actually:( this was very hard news for me to hear and see.

This time on ETSY I have made several sales both online and off, I began researching how to make my business official and begin keeping books, it was only then that I figured out I was not making as much as I thought I was

I want to give an example
For my scrabble tiles I had listed them for $5.95
Expenses to make the tile--$2.18
Fees to sell the tiles-- $1.50
Shipping fees--$2.82
Total cost to make --$6.50

Wow that brings me to negative 0.55

I found this formula to price your work

Labor cost+ materials+ expenses x 2.5= retail value

For my scrabble tiles it would be

3.50+ 6.50(I have already added the materials and expenses together) x2.5= $25.00

That is a little too steep but that is what it retails for I am selling the for $8.50 for a regular tile and 12.00 for a custom photo pendant

I really didn't want to increase my prices but in order to make a profit I have to. At 8.50 please realize I only bring in $2.00 per tile sold

New trend in jewelry now available in treasured moments

As I have searched for jewelry inspiration I keep seeing these interesting but beautiful pieces.
Handstamped sterling silver with GPS coordinates of a special location, home address, just about anywhere.  I though yeah I can do that on my scrabble tiles and offer yet another option for my wonderful customers

I am going to offer the scrabble tiles completely custom you choose the color, you choose the font, you choose the coordinates.  It will be easy to do through the ETSY shop 

Go to this website to see your GPS coordinates-- just type in an address you want and it will generate your coordinates

1. Purchase the listing
2. Choose your font
3. Choose your background color
4. in notes to seller please give the coordinates (you can copy and paste from the website)
5. checkout using paypal the fastest and safest way to pay online
6. you will receive an e-mail confirming order 
7. You will receive a shipping notice e-mail with tracking number
8. receive your pendant and remember to come back and give feedback-- it really helps 

You say I really like this idea but not sure what I would use as my coordinates, here are some ideas
*a special vacation location
*home address if you live away or a college student to remind you of home 
*long distant relationship 
* your vacation home address
* an upcoming vacation and you could say meet me there
* and more 

now take a look at the pendants ( no editing done on these photos, sorry I just took a quick photo to share here)

Until Next time
Happy Crafting
Danielle Co

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tile letter

Part of the fun of getting my pendants is the ability to customize the back letter to something you want like an initial!

I have lots of custom orders in person ( not through etsy ) that wants special letters. I had a situation last week that really made me feel bad, I had a customer request a letter that when I got back to my studio didn't have one?????? Out of 300 tiles and missing a letter:( I contacted the customer and explained what happened, thankfully she is very understanding and said she would wait there was no hurry. I placed an order through my vendor which usually ships out within 2-3 days post payment.... Not this time it has been 1 week and the tiles won't be here until Monday. Which means it will be Wednesday before I can deliver it. Now keep in mind my customer is being super awesome about the whole thing I don't like it and will do everything I can so that it won't happen again:)

I have changed my policies on requesting tile letter, trendy kitty pendants will be on random tiles and only treasured moment pendants will be on letters of your choice. Please keep in mind that tiles are in limited qty.

I want to express a huge thanks to all of my awesome customers that are keeping me super busy:)

Processing times

I have had several questions regarding processing times, I decided I would explain my process here

For treasured moments pendants

* I create the digital image or crop your digital photo down to size
* I get the tile ready
* I adhere the image onto the tile and let it sit 24 hours
* I apply the epoxy/resin on top of the image on the tile and let it sit 24 hours
* I package up the tile pendant
* I mail or deliver the pendant charm

For trendy kitty pendants
* I get the digital collage( usually purchased from etsy) ready
* I get the tile ready
* I adhere the image onto the tile and let it sit 24 hours
* I apply the epoxy/resin on top of the image on the tile and let it sit 24 hours
* I package up the tile pendant
* I mail or deliver the pendant charm

The total processing time for a pendant is a little over 48 hours

I work Monday-Saturday, only ship Monday-Friday, typically Saturday is spent photographing new pieces, marketing, listing on etsy, or working on orders!

These times are for my normal everyday orders not holiday or large orders which need additional times

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remember all the awesome teachers in your life this week

Teacher appreciation week

And don't forget about all the college instructors in your life too!!!!

Teachers not only play a big role in kids lives but they also make career dreams come true In college

As I look back over my educational history I can think of several teachers that have made a difference to me.

From kindergarten to college teachers shaped my intellectual mind into what it is today.

A good teacher does more than what is required on paper, they believe in their students, they listen if the students need to talk, they give good solid advice, they know how to push a student to get positive results. They make a difference!

It is because of an awesome teacher I had that I myself is a teacher today!
I love being a teacher in our local college, helping my students find their dreams and making them come true!!!

Was teaching always my dream? Not even close... My dream has always been medical profession nursing especially. I was in nursing school when God changed my plan and sent me to a local community college to take medical coding! Coding came like second nature to me and as graduation approached my coding instructor asked me a question that would forever change my life! Her question "how would you like to help me teach?" what??? I thought she must be out if her mind I don't want to be in front of people speaking( very shy and backward)

She asked that u think about it and proceeded to give me information about getting my bachelors degree. I agreed that I would think about it, pray about it!

I will always remember coming home and telling my family all about my day and the most awesome offer I had ever received. My families excitement encouraged me to go ahead and try it.
I couldn't wait to get back to school to tell her my decision. I then went back to the university I had previously attended and signed up for classes.
I graduated from medical coding in June and that same August started classes towards my bachelors degree.

2 years later I graduated with my bachelors degree I was ready to apply to be a teacher, I got hired on the spot and had less than 2 weeks to prepare for my first class, talk about nerves I was anxious, nervous, excited all, at the same time:)

I was preparing to take my certification exam in coding. I sat for it in August and passed the first try:) huge relief all the time she was standing behind me pushing me and constantly reminding me that I knew what I was doing and I would be great!!!!!!!!! 

Teachers not only teach reading, writing and arithmetic but they truly impact your lives(good teachers that is, and boy did I have my fair share of great extraordinary teachers throughout my education)

remember that trendy kitty pendants make awesome teacher gifts too:)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Welcome to My new Shop Blog

I have a blog and have been blogging since  2008, I blog about crafting, my shop and a little bit of everyday life.  when I created my blog it was for the purpose of sharing with my scrapbook friends and then came my shop so I added a bunch of stuff about it.  My blog is pretty hard to find so I decided to create a special blog just for my ETSY shop.  This blog will have ETSY features, you will be able to purchase items that are not available in my shop!  I will be having monthly specials that will only be announced here on this site.  I will be doing some special posts on
  • tutorials
  • new sneak peaks before the item hits the shop
  • organizing tips
  • business how to's
  • features from other ETSY shops
  • Jewelry care and storage
  • Pinterest finds
  • special promotions going on in the Creative Corner (only announced here)
  • ETSY treasuries, and more!  
I am so very excited to be able to  share my creativity with you though my pendants, greeting cards, jewelry, and more! 

My picture and sporty pendants (under Treasured Moments) are really becoming very popular 
These make great gifts especially for the upcoming holiday-- Mothers Day also makes great Grad gifts!!! Current processing time is 48 hours once payment is processed!

 Any questions or to place an order
e-mail us at: