Friday, May 10, 2013

Tile letter

Part of the fun of getting my pendants is the ability to customize the back letter to something you want like an initial!

I have lots of custom orders in person ( not through etsy ) that wants special letters. I had a situation last week that really made me feel bad, I had a customer request a letter that when I got back to my studio didn't have one?????? Out of 300 tiles and missing a letter:( I contacted the customer and explained what happened, thankfully she is very understanding and said she would wait there was no hurry. I placed an order through my vendor which usually ships out within 2-3 days post payment.... Not this time it has been 1 week and the tiles won't be here until Monday. Which means it will be Wednesday before I can deliver it. Now keep in mind my customer is being super awesome about the whole thing I don't like it and will do everything I can so that it won't happen again:)

I have changed my policies on requesting tile letter, trendy kitty pendants will be on random tiles and only treasured moment pendants will be on letters of your choice. Please keep in mind that tiles are in limited qty.

I want to express a huge thanks to all of my awesome customers that are keeping me super busy:)

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