Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

So Were have I been for the last couple of weeks? Well I have been super busy getting ready for an event(I am so excited this is Creative Corners first event)

My cousin began selling Initials Inc and asked If I would go in half for a table at an event this weekend!  I was thrilled to get the invite and have been working hard getting ready for it

Making pendants for sale, making a display, ordering business cards(super excited about these and I can get matching items for my shop later-- the only thing is they dont match my current theme directly but I think they coordinate)

My cards I ordered may not make it in time so I will have to print temporary cards, order forms, and decide if I am going to offer a giveaway.

I am also starting a newsletter for the Creative Corner-- you will be able to sign up right here on the blog-- included in every newsletter will be a coupon and a newsletter only pendant--Pendant of the month that will only be available to newsletter subscribers!

My day job (college instructor) very busy there too-- getting ready for Graduation, finals, and a new quarter with classes never taught before! Definitely ready for my summer break:) it will give me more time for Creative Corner:)

I hope this blog post finds you well
 Check back soon for updates about the event:)

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