Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remember all the awesome teachers in your life this week

Teacher appreciation week

And don't forget about all the college instructors in your life too!!!!

Teachers not only play a big role in kids lives but they also make career dreams come true In college

As I look back over my educational history I can think of several teachers that have made a difference to me.

From kindergarten to college teachers shaped my intellectual mind into what it is today.

A good teacher does more than what is required on paper, they believe in their students, they listen if the students need to talk, they give good solid advice, they know how to push a student to get positive results. They make a difference!

It is because of an awesome teacher I had that I myself is a teacher today!
I love being a teacher in our local college, helping my students find their dreams and making them come true!!!

Was teaching always my dream? Not even close... My dream has always been medical profession nursing especially. I was in nursing school when God changed my plan and sent me to a local community college to take medical coding! Coding came like second nature to me and as graduation approached my coding instructor asked me a question that would forever change my life! Her question "how would you like to help me teach?" what??? I thought she must be out if her mind I don't want to be in front of people speaking( very shy and backward)

She asked that u think about it and proceeded to give me information about getting my bachelors degree. I agreed that I would think about it, pray about it!

I will always remember coming home and telling my family all about my day and the most awesome offer I had ever received. My families excitement encouraged me to go ahead and try it.
I couldn't wait to get back to school to tell her my decision. I then went back to the university I had previously attended and signed up for classes.
I graduated from medical coding in June and that same August started classes towards my bachelors degree.

2 years later I graduated with my bachelors degree I was ready to apply to be a teacher, I got hired on the spot and had less than 2 weeks to prepare for my first class, talk about nerves I was anxious, nervous, excited all, at the same time:)

I was preparing to take my certification exam in coding. I sat for it in August and passed the first try:) huge relief all the time she was standing behind me pushing me and constantly reminding me that I knew what I was doing and I would be great!!!!!!!!! 

Teachers not only teach reading, writing and arithmetic but they truly impact your lives(good teachers that is, and boy did I have my fair share of great extraordinary teachers throughout my education)

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